How Close Is Federal Marijuana Legalization? What 2020 Says About The Future

In 2020, four states and Washington DC legalized recreational marijuana, and Mississippi approved medical marijuana, bringing the number of recreational states to 15 and Washington DC, and the number of states allowing cannabis for medical use to 36.

Voters across the country are changing their minds about marijuana – and soon, federal regulations may be adjusted to accommodate these changing views. Let’s explore this subject in more detail now!

Joe Biden’s Presidency Could Bring Federal Marijuana Legalization To The Forefront

While it’s not possible to predict what will happen during Biden’s presidency, federal legalization will be much more likely compared to the outgoing Trump administration, which doubled down on the War On Drugs.

President Biden, once a major proponent of the War on Drugs, has softened his outlook and is already in favor of decriminalizing marijuana federally, while allowing individual states to determine the legality of medical and recreational use.

In December, the Democratic House of Representatives voted to decriminalize marijuana and remove it from the federal schedule of controlled substances, and while the Republican-controlled Senate did not take up the measure, it may be revisited now that the Democrats control the Senate thanks to a recent run-off election.

In addition, Biden’s Commerce Secretary is Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, a Democrat who is on record for her proposal for state-run cannabis programs in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use.

His pick for Health Secretary, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, could also help reclassify marijuana and loosen federal restrictions related to its use, as he has a considerable record of supporting California’s recreational and medical marijuana legalization rules.

Will Marijuana Be Fully Legalized? Federal Decriminalization May Be More Likely

While it is possible that marijuana may be fully legalized on a federal level in the next 4 years, full federal legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use may not be on the table, since it’s still somewhat politically divisive among lawmakers.

Instead, it seems even more likely that it will instead be decriminalized on a federal level – leaving individual states to pass recreational and medical marijuana legislation reform, and determine whether or not cannabis can be used for medical and recreational purposes.

This would still be a landmark piece of legislation, which would require an overhaul of legal sentences for marijuana offenders, and would ensure growers and other cannabis professionals could not be pursued by federal agencies like the DEA.

Marijuana Is Legal In Colorado – Schedule An Appointment & Get Your Red Card!

Recreational and marijuana legislation reform has not spread throughout the entire US yet, and it may not pass in the next 4 years, either. But if you live in Colorado, you can already benefit from medical marijuana legalization.

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