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Medical Marijuana Doctors Colorado Springs

Bruce Reimers, M.D.

Bruce Reimers, MD, graduated from University of Iowa School of Medicine in 1966. After serving in the military as a major in the US Army, Dr. Reimers completed a residency in Urology in Madison, WI and moved to Colorado, where he has been an active member in the local medical community. He has transitioned from Urology to being one of the leading medical marijuana doctors in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Dr. Reimers has more than 40 years of experience as a practicing Urologist, and previously served as the chief of staff at St. Francis Hospital. He also founded and directed a drug rehabilitation center and residence in Colorado Springs.

Reimers is a strong proponent of medical marijuana’s benefits. He worked at the forefront of the Amendment 20 movement to legalize medical marijuana in Colorado, petitioning to get the measure on the ballots for the Colorado election in November 2000. Since its legalization, he has been one of the premier medical marijuana doctors in Colorado Springs.

As one of the most knowledgeable MMJ doctors Colorado Springs residents can put their confidence in. Dr. Reimers is dedicated to helping patients understand the numerous benefits MMJ has to offer. He will examine you, review your past medical history, and make a professional decision about whether an MMJ card is the right choice for you.

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