Can a Minor Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado?

In the state of Colorado minors can legally use medical marijuana based on specific criteria if they are being treated for a qualifying medical condition. First, the minor must reside in Colorado and have a parent or legal guardian also residing in Colorado. The minor’s parent or legal guardian must provide consent in writing to serve as the minor’s primary guardian. Consent must be from each parent residing in Colorado. Two medical marijuana doctors must have concluded and documented that the minor applicant has been diagnosed with a qualified debilitating medical condition. One of the doctors must have a bona fide physician-patient relationship with the minor. Additionally, one of the doctors consulted must have explained the possible risks and benefits of medical use of medical marijuana to the minor applicant and each of the minor applicant’s parents residing in Colorado.

To apply for the card, the Colorado resident applicant must have a valid Social Security number and include the documentation about the qualifying medical condition, the physician certification forms, a copy of the applicant’s Colorado driver’s license, and process the state application fee. If you have any questions about some common reasons to get a medical marijuana card, schedule an appointment, or anything else please call us at (719) 246-0393.

If you would like to learn more about applying, please see the Medical Marijuana Registry application checklist.

The use of medical marijuana by minors has been successfully documented in Colorado through the story of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte was just three months old when she experienced her first seizure. The seizures became exceedingly frequent, with Charlotte experiencing up to 300 grand mal seizures a week, leaving her little body battered and weak, and causing her to be hospitalized often. The Figis spent years looking for an effective treatment that wouldn’t further diminish her quality of life. After extensive research, desperation, and a leap of faith, the Figis decided to try cannabis, due to the debilitating effects of the seizures, the frequency, and side effects from treatments they had already tried.

When Charlotte’s condition responded favorably to cannabis, the family sought out the Stanley Brothers, one of the state’s largest marijuana growers and dispensary owners. The brothers created a CBD-rich hemp oil extract, known as Charlotte’s Web, that her parents introduced to Charlotte’s diet, and which significantly reduced the seizures she experiences. Today, Charlotte is a thriving, active child enjoying life like any other child her age, and only experiences a few seizures a month, almost solely in her sleep.