How Baby Boomers & Millennials Use Cannabis

A lot about cannabis has changed in the last 50 years, and there are variations in the way that different age groups use marijuana today, but you may be surprised to learn that there are also some striking similarities between baby boomer cannabis use and millennial cannabis use. Whether used recreationally or with the recommendation of a MMJ doctor, cannabis brings a number of pleasant benefits to the table, and both young and old alike enjoy using it to relieve chronic pain as well as achieve a good, natural buzz.


Both boomers and millennials have similar spending habits when it comes to cannabis (as well as cannabis products such as pipes or bongs) at an average of $76 each month. Millennials spend $78 monthly for their cannabis, while boomers are only $3 behind at $75 each month. These numbers have increased in the first quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, where both groups report spending an additional $26 per month on average.

Methods of Use

There’s a lot of paraphernalia out there, yet millennial cannabis use and baby boomer cannabis use are both focused on the old-fashioned methods of smoking marijuana. Both generations prefer to use inhalable products such as joints, pipes, and other flower-fueled devices as opposed to edible or sublingual options. That said, baby boomers are twice as likely to use capsules, with 23% of boomers preferring capsules compared to only 10% of millennials.

Preferred Time of Use

When comparing morning, afternoon, mid-day, evening, night time, and those who vary between all five, the majority of millennial cannabis use and baby boomer cannabis use occurs in the evening, with 30% of millennials and 26% of boomers taking a beat to relax and enjoy the effects of a good session after a day or work. Both generations are also twice as likely to use cannabis in the morning, with the boomers beating out the millennials 22% to 10%, respectively.

Reason for Consumption

Most people who use cannabis do so either for pain relief or simply recreational fun (and often for both reasons). Millennial cannabis use was reported at 26% for medical purposes such as chronic pain relief, migraine headaches, and to manage nausea. Recreational use made up 49% for millennials who just like to relax and enjoy the buzz. Baby boomer cannabis use was a little different, with only 28% using it for recreational use and 50% choosing natural marijuana to help with arthritis, chronic pain, as well as relief from cancer pain and chemotherapy treatments. For both age groups, the top reasons for recreational use included relaxation, relief from anxiety, and to enhance social gatherings.

Medical Alternatives Clinic

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