Governor Polis Extends Telehealth for MMJ until September 23

That necessity is the mother of invention is nothing less than the truth. The last few months of 2020 have been terrifying, thanks to the raging COVID 19 pandemic. But then, we have seen so many inventions that have kept us going down this bumpy road. Think about online meetings that we never used to have that frequently before.

Now, how about telemedicine? You may have heard of sitting with your classmates as you study online or a company board holding their business meetings online. But then there is telemedicine, and it is fast becoming a big thing in the world of medical cannabis.

Did you know that the Colorado governor signed executive orders permitting online appointments with your medical marijuana doctor? These orders were signed in March and Gov. Polis has been extending them every month. The most recent order extends telemedicine visits until September 23. Do you know what that means? You can get your MMJ card from the comfort of your home. And all you need is a phone! Medical Alternatives Clinics has been doing telehealth visits since March and we give you the option of either a phone call or a video conference.

That is what telemedicine is all about—consulting your doctor online without having to meet face to face. The need for social distancing has tremendously pushed for telemedicine throughout the globe. We look at how to get your pass to getting medical cannabis consultation with your online specialist. We are talking about a medical marijuana card.

First, why should you apply for an MMJ card

  • Get legal protection from your state: In states where MMJ cards are applicable, holders can enjoy carrying some cannabis on them, provided they follow all regulations. The card draws the lines between freedom, getting fined, or going to prison.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cannabis at lower costs: Have you ever wondered the price for the FDA approved drugs from marijuana? It could cost you around $2500 monthly. But with your card, you can walk into a state-approved store and obtain your medicine for far much less.
  • Buy more cannabis: Having a card allows you to purchase increased amounts of medicine.
  • Access to legal and quality cannabis: With your card, you can comfortably walk into a state-approved dispensary and buy pure and potent medical cannabis buds.
  • Get expert telemedicine consultation from your home: This is like the gate pass to having appointments with a state-approved cannabis doctor online.

You should be scheduling that appointment with a qualified medical marijuana doctor online. But before that…

Here are the requirements for a telemedicine MMJ card appointment

When applying for a medical marijuana card online, here is what you need to have for your visit:

  • Identification documents: You are required to identify yourself as an applicant for a medical marijuana card AND you also need to provide proof or residency, so have your Colorado Driver’s License or Colorado ID ready (temp cards are also acceptable).
  • Medical records: Why are you applying for a medical marijuana card? Your medical records need to tell your online doctor the answer to this question. Before you start your telemedicine application for a medical cannabis card, contact your physician, and ensure that all the documents are sent over to your online doctor in time. Records are a must for minors and patients under 21.
  • Phone or computer: Since this is a virtual visit, you will need an electronic device – phone will work best, but you can also use a tablet, laptop, or computer.


Get your online MMJ Evaluation

Set up an appointment with Medical Alternatives Clinic and get your medical marijuana card evaluation completely online.

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