Recreational Marijuana Sales in Colorado Springs Meets Opposition in City Council

Since legalization in 2011, recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs has been a topic of great debate for many, and now the city is considering taking action. A new measure has been introduced that would drastically impact the medical cannabis industry in Colorado Springs by allowing 24 recreational dispensaries to convert to recreational citywide.

Currently, there are 118 stores that sell medical marijuana and the Colorado Springs Cannabis Association (CSCA) pleads that such a measure would “destroy the existing medical marijuana business model, and put in grave risk over 80% of our current businesses and employees.”

The city proposed that the 24 dispensaries would be chosen by a lottery in an attempt to make a fair decision The remaining 94 stores could remain open as medical dispensaries, but there are fears the addition of recreational dispensaries in the market could lead to decreased business and risk of closures. The measure would also allow recreational cannabis shops to open and operate with the city limits, but city council didn’t show enough support to take the measure to the November 3rd ballot (5 votes were needed but not achieved).

Reasons for Council Opposition

The new proposed measure is backed by concerns that without regulation, the amount of access to cannabis products could pose several problems. The United States Space Command is considering Colorado Springs as a candidate for their permanent home but will likely weigh the city’s drug laws in their decision-making process.

Others worry that increased recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs will require more police support than is available, meaning that incidents could occur without response or enforcement. There is proof of a lack of confidence in the numbers as forecasted tax revenues aren’t enticing council members at this time.

Councilman Dave Geislinger says that recreational supporters should be petitioning voters to add the measure to the ballot, stating that “the culture war is not going to get resolved in Colorado Springs City Council.”

Medical Marijuana Opposition

On the other side of the argument, medical marijuana stores fear that their businesses will be placed in jeopardy and that their medical buyers and patients will potentially make the switch to recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs simply for the convenience. On the buyer’s end, it’s about getting the products they need, but for the businesses sitting in hot water, it’s about survival.

Many medical marijuana businesses feel that the difficult process to change their licenses to recreational is unfair, and there is significant favor given to the few who are awarded recreational licenses.

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