Cities and Counties Across Colorado Loosening Marijuana Business Restrictions

In an attempt to combat the negative impact of the current recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many municipalities and even entire counties in the state of Colorado are becoming more relaxed about the sale of cannabis. Colorado marijuana business restrictions are typically governed strictly within each city to control the distribution and access to marijuana, but these businesses are now able to do more in terms of delivery, social equity permits, and production allowances as cities look for ways to bring in additional revenue. Allowing social equity permits means that cultivation, extraction, and the production of infused products are available to more individuals and businesses in the state – however, in the case of dispensary operations, social equity permit applicants must either be from Colorado or have been living in low-income areas within the state for at least five years in the past decade.

Where Will We See the Changes Occur?

The major changes to Colorado marijuana business restrictions will affect the following cities and counties:

  • Denver: The city is considering a concept that would allow for home delivery as well as social equity permits.
  • Aurora: Mimicking Denver, Aurora, Colorado marijuana business restrictions would also be loosened to allow for home delivery and the introduction of social equity permits.
  • Lakewood: There is a possible ballot measure that would allow for the production and sale of marijuana for recreational use.
  • Broomfield: On the agenda is a ballot measure to enable businesses to produce and sell recreational cannabis products.
  • Littleton: Poised to follow Broomfield and Lakewood by introducing a ballot measure for recreational cannabis.
  • Trinidad: Considering the possibility of legalizing consumption lounges.
  • Dillon: Mirroring Trinidad, Dillon may permit consumption lounges as well.
  • Adams County: For unincorporated areas within Adams County, officials have given the green light for recreational marijuana business permits.

What Are the Reasons Behind These Changes?

As we press deeper into a global recession, researching and implementing new ways to increase revenue becomes paramount. Municipalities and counties in the state see the potential for greatly increased tax revenues as a result of loosening Colorado marijuana business restrictions. These measures would also enable more individuals to create income for themselves.

Many cities are using increased budgets to combat the issue of lost revenue due to COVID-19, and rural communities across the state are looking for new ways to generate an extra spark.

Learn More About Medical Marijuana

At Medical Alternatives Clinic we will always share what’s going on in the world of medical and recreational marijuana so that you have the information you need to make the right choice for yourself. Colorado marijuana business restrictions can have an impact on the way that you purchase cannabis products, and our goal is to constantly keep you in the loop. If you’re looking to obtain your medical marijuana card and access cannabis products easily in Colorado Springs, we invite you to set an appointment with us to discuss your history and usage patterns with our Colorado Springs MMJ doctors, and to develop a solid plan for relieving chronic pain and stress!