What to Expect from Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Edibles come in so many different shapes, consistencies, flavors, and potencies. Nowadays, when you walk into a dispensary, you can choose from cannabis-infused chocolates, drinks, gummies, hard candies, freshly baked treats and many more different types of edibles. However, ingesting cannabis is much different than smoking it.

Edibles are dosed based on the amount of Cannabinoids present in the product. Your metabolism, the altitude, when and what you last ate, as well as the quantity you consumed are all factors that affect how your body will respond to ingesting marijuana. If this is your first time trying edibles, try a weaker dosage, such as a 5 mg lozenge or a 10 mg brownie to see how your body reacts to it. If you’re a regular user, you may find that it may take a stronger dosage to feel your desired high and pain relief. Since 100 mg bars are ten dosages, you can slowly increase the amount you take. Remember that it often takes an hour or more to feel the full effect.

The key to edibles is finding the ones that work for you. You will commonly see recurring names at different dispensaries such as Cheeba Chews, Edipures, and Incredibles. These are high-quality brands and a good place to start when trying out different edibles. You can count on their products tasting amazing, unlike some other less popular goods or some made by the dispensaries themselves which can taste awful and require a few glasses of milk to choke them down. Incredibles’ chocolate bars are great for regular users because not only do they taste amazing and come in popular fun flavors such as cookies and cream white chocolate, but you can easily break off well-labeled ten-milligram dosages and save what you don’t need for another time.

Don’t overdo edibles. Eating too much can cause panic attacks, paranoia, and nausea. Once you found a dosage that works for you and brings you the right amount of pain relief, stick to it. Ingesting marijuana creates a longer lasting high and for most people, a stronger one. Therefore, if you ingest too much, the unpleasant side effects mentioned above will also take longer to subside. Remember, everybody’s body reacts differently to ingesting marijuana, so sit back and take your time. Edibles are a great smoke-free alternative to enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana.