There are three main types of concentrates, wax, shatter, and oil. Marijuana wax is made from a butane extraction and has the consistency of ear wax. BHO stands for butane hash oil. The butane is forced through the cannabis plant, extracting out all of the key oils. The oils are collected while the butane is evaporated, and you are left with BHO in a wax form. Wax is less stable than shatter but easier to mold and handle with its creamy consistency.

Shatter is made similarly as wax. However, the difference is how it comes out of the blasting process and the temperature used. Shatter also involves a second extraction process in which fats, lipids, and waxes are removed. It can be easily broken apart like glass and lasts longer than wax and oil but is harder to handle and slightly more expensive. Shatter is clear, solid and smooth. It is the most potent and purest form of concentrates but the less flavorful. Wax is tastier but not as strong as shatter.

Oils are the least refined of the three. They are a gooey, sticky liquid that can be hard to handle. This form is the most flavorful but the THC levels tend to be less consistent. However, oils can be more convenient than wax or shatter when bought in cartridges. Many come in pre-packed cartridges that easily attach to a battery. There is no packing and emptying or cleaning involved with oil cartridges and a lesser likelihood of waste and spills. Oil cartridges usually come in two different sizes; 250 mg or 500 mg. These milligrams are about the amount of liquid in the cartridge, not the concentration of the content.

Wax and shatter are usually bought per gram and also preweighed and prepackaged. A cheaper type of wax is called budder. It is less potent than wax or shatter but easy to handle and also flavorful. Remember that to consume wax or shatter you will need a rig or a specialized wax pen. Some pens are capable of handling oils, wax/shatter, and flower but are pricier than pens specifically designed for wax. Most oils are vaporized which is ideal for your lungs. Oil cartridges only require the purchase of a compatible battery. Some e-cigarette batteries will even fit and heat the marijuana oil cartridges. If not, batteries are commonly sold at an affordable price at your local dispensary.