Stricter Laws for Edible Cannabis in Colorado

Edible marijuana products were created so that people could consume marijuana without having to smoke it. You can get it in many forms such as; cookies, brownies, suckers, sodas and many other items. These products however are causing some serious over dosing because there is not legal limit for how much THC should go into each item. This is making people who do not have experience with medical marijuana overdose because they eat the whole cookie or brownie rather than having just a bite. In a couple of cases these people who have over dosed have harmed themselves and others around them because of the high hallucinogenic effects.

Colorado is now setting guidelines that will be able to measure how much THC can go into these products. The amount per serving will be limited to 10 mg of THC, each serving will have to be made clear such as in a bar of chocolate one serving is a nicely sectioned off square. These products will also not be allowed to exceed 100 mg of THC. In items that cannot be sectioned off such as cookies or brownies, one serving will be the whole thing. Drinks that contain marijuana will have to have lines on the bottle indicating how much a serving is, such as cough syrup bottles contain. In addition to having to measure out serving sizes the packaging of the products will also need to explain the suggested serving size.

These new rules are going to be set in place on November 1st, in hopes of keeping everyone safe from over dosing on edibles sold across the state. Although these rules do not solve all of the problems with marijuana edibles, such as how to keep them from children and animals, they do get us one step closer to having safer rules and regulations surrounding the marijuana industry. These will help keep the industry growing and prosperous.

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