Medical Marijuana Caregiver Rules May Soon Be Changing

In the last couple of weeks a bill was proposed that will minimize the number of medical marijuana patients that a caregiver can have. Currently there is no limit on the number of patients a caregiver can have, but the bill proposed that each caregiver have no more than a maximum of 10 patients. This bill is being formulated because there is no way to regulate how many patients each caregiver has and how many plants they are growing for each patient.

This bill would have patients and caregivers register so that each caregiver’s do not exceed the number of patients that they have. There is some argument about how this process is going to take place, as it could invade on patient and caregiver privacy.

It also could affect the treatment many of the patients are receiving. For example a caregiver out of Boulder has over 90 patients. He however provides his patients, most of which are children with severe medical conditions, a special kind of medical marijuana plant that is low in THC and rich is CBD. THC is the part of the plant that make you have the high while CBD is the part that has been known to help patients with seizures and other severe medical conditions. Parents of these children are worried that they may not be chosen as one of the 10, especially since finding a caregiver that can supply the same strain would be difficult to find and could end up being very expensive.

There are other side to the argument as well. Many people believe that 10 patients under each caregiver is enough. Caregivers that have more than that or specialized caregivers such as the one above that provides care to 90 patients, should train people so each patient still gets the treatment they need under the proposed bill.

In the coming months we will see how this proposed bill will play out.

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