On Medical Alternative Stats- Interestingly Enough

The best medical marijuana doctors Colorado Springs has to offer want to provide you with the facts. An interesting fact about most medical marijuana is that according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), as of July 2013, and since June 2001, over 220k new patient applications have been logged since Coloradans voted and passed Amendment 20. The dispensaries Colorado Springs have to offer, try to manage all of these applications for sincerely sick clients.

More than 800 doctors have authorized current patients who suffer from chronic pain suffered from cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS. In fact, over 90 percent of med weed is prescribed for severe pain. The average age of patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana is 42 and an astounding 67 percent are male.

What’s more, more than 50 percent of alternative med patients have chosen a medical marijuana doctor Colorado Springs residents can rely on and have designated a medical marijuana care center. These caregivers have a great responsibility to their patients and to the State of Colorado in handling the care of their patient with debilitating medical issues.

As of August 1, new forms must be completed and patients will have a 90-day grace period for those forms that may already be in process. However, the costs of administering the program remains unchanged at $35 but, the fee, of course is evaluated yearly and is subject to change.

Our medical marijuana doctors Colorado Springs patients can count on are found with Dr. Reimers. He provides patients with a professional atmosphere where patients feel comfortable about discussing their preference to remedy their pain via the alternative method of medical marijuana.

The information above was found at http://www.colorado.gov/. If you want more information please contact Medical Alternatives Clinics today!