Alternative Medicine- Here to Stay!

A great deal has ensued since Coloradans voted to pass Amendment 64 last November which legalized the use and regulation of marijuana. But, regulating the use of and determining tax implications triggered the enforcement of a Task Force- which will delay any retail sales until sometime next year.

The passing of referendum-64 had initially raised questions about how it will affect the November 2000 passing of Amendment 20 which amended the State Constitution to allow the use of marijuana for patients via written medical consent. Under ref-20, patients are allowed to possess up to two-ounces of med-weed and may grow up-to six cannabis plants.

But, within the alternative medicine community, these law-modifications are looked at quite differently. In that, medical marijuana has helped thousands of patients who have been diagnosed with such diseases as cancer, glaucoma, and HIV/AIDS. The patients who suffer from such chronic symptoms seek medical alternative clinics for relief from pain and Medical Alternatives Clinic provides a safe- professional environment for its patients.
The use of marijuana for medical purposes is not new to the market or something that has recently been prescribed- and for those patients who’ve used it- it’s made their lives easier by subduing their pain.

Therefore, we believe that medical marijuana will continue to remain one of the most prominent prescription pain-relief drugs for chronic pain.

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