What Does It Feel like to Be High


What Does It Feel like to Be High?

If you are starting to develop an interest in medical marijuana, you may be wondering what it feels like to be high. The effects of marijuana can vary considerably from one person to the next, but some standard reactions are to be expected. It’s important to remember that some people are more susceptible to marijuana’s effects while others might not notice them as much.

This article will review some of the typical effects of marijuana and the different factors that can play a role in your experience.

Common Reactions to Being High

People can have a broad range of reactions to marijuana, but some more common ones include feeling happy, relaxed, tired, hungry, amused, and creative. In addition, some might feel giggly or silly, while others might have a more serious disposition.

Though, it’s key to remember that sometimes, it’s possible to have an adverse reaction. Some negative effects can include anxiety or paranoia, heightened sensory perception, anxiety, or even nausea.

Side Effects

Some physical side effects might also occur when you are high, such as bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, increased appetite, and slowed reaction time.

In addition, some of the more overwhelming effects include elevated heart rate, low blood pressure, and fatigue. So, keep in mind the impact medical marijuana has on you and how it might affect you.

If the high is overpowering, there’s usually no cause for concern unless you’re unable to function.


When consuming marijuana, remember that many different factors can affect how you feel when high. In addition to the fact that medical marijuana affects everyone differently, other individual aspects play a role.

Some of the elements that will influence your high include:

  • how often and how much you consume
  • what kind of weed (indica or sativa)
  • the form: smoking, edibles, etc.
  • the amount of THC

What to Do If You Are Too High

If you consume too much medical marijuana or have a bad experience, don’t worry. Just remind yourself that it’s not a life-threatening situation, and you should feel better soon.

Just remember what causes your high to change in the future, or try using a different strain of medical marijuana. It’s also possible to reduce some side effects by adjusting your consumption.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable, talk to someone about it. Having an open conversation with a trusted person can help reduce feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

Here’s what else you can do if you start to have a bad reaction:

  • Drink lots of fluids, especially water
  • Rest and relax
  • Eat light and healthy food
  • Stay in a comfortable environment


When consuming medical marijuana, it’s possible to have a variety of different reactions. While some people might experience feelings of relaxation and happiness, others might notice more negative effects when they are high. Know that it’s not unique for someone to get too high on weed. If this happens, remember what caused your high and figure out what to change in the future.

If you’re feeling too uncomfortable, talk to someone about it. Having an open conversation with a trusted person can help reduce any negative experiences.