How to distinguish bad weed from good weed

Distinguishing Bad Weed From Good Weed

When differentiating good weed from bad weed, you need to know the distinct characteristics of each. Every strain of marijuana has unique features determined by the plant’s genetics. If you are buying weed that doesn’t match the description of the strain, it could be bad weed, or it could be a different strain of marijuana. By spotting a few telltale signs, you can accurately recognize bad weed early on and avoid purchasing it.

This article will break down the indicating traits of good and bad weed, offer tips for detecting high-quality medical marijuana, and help you avoid the bad.

The Differences Between Good and Bad Weed

Good weed is visually attractive with a full and dense bud. Bad weed is usually brown or yellow, is either too dry or moist and lacks dense buds.

When selecting medical marijuana, strain names are often used to identify what a particular strain should look like when it’s good. In addition, the cannabis’ color, feel and smell, weed structure can help you identify good from the bad.

How to Tell If Your Weed Is High-quality or Not

The two most important factors in determining whether your cannabis is high-quality are smell and appearance. Let’s break down each one separately.

Smell: A pungent or mildewy scent indicates that the flowers may have mold or be too old for consumption.

Appearance: Healthy plants will have rich green leaves with no brown spots or yellowing and plenty of white hairs. The buds will be packed and dense with a wide variety of colors, and they will be covered in shiny trichomes.

Touch the cannabis and see how it feels if you are still unsure. Fresh weed will not crumble as readily.

Another factor to consider is how recently the plant was harvested–the fresher, the better. Flower gathered recently will be more potent than those harvested several months ago.

What Are Some Signs That You’re Smoking Bad Weed?

If your weed doesn’t meet the visual or olfactory standards for a particular strain, it isn’t good. Other signs that you might be smoking bad weed include:

  • Weed that feels wet or oily to the touch
  • Weed with an off-putting smell
  • Weed that doesn’t break apart evenly or has large chunks
  • Weed that is bland or doesn’t taste right

The Best Way to Store Your Medical Marijuana for Maximum Freshness

The best way to store your medical marijuana is in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. This will help keep it fresh for as long as possible.

If you don’t have an airtight container, you can store it in a plastic baggie or Mason jar, but make sure to squeeze out all the air before sealing it shut.

You can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your medical marijuana by following these tips.


Now that you know how to distinguish good weed from bad, you can avoid smoking low-quality cannabis and get the most out of your medical marijuana. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re getting the best quality product to meet your needs.