Colorado Looking to Expand Medical Cannabis Access in Schools

Medical cannabis is legal in Colorado, but there are still restrictions around its use in schools that are frustrating students, parents, teachers, and administrators. But members of the Senate recently unanimously backed a bill that would ease restrictions and improve medical cannabis access at schools. Let’s take a look at this subject in more detail now.

Medical Cannabis Access Has Been A Concern For Years In Colorado Schools

Thanks to two laws passed in 2016 and 2018 called “Jack’s Law” and “Quinton’s Amendment,” school districts in CO can choose to permit parents and guardians to possess and administer cannabis-based medicine on school property.

The new bill, however, would remove the discretion from school districts and require each school board to implement new policies that will allow school personnel, such as teachers, nurses, or others, to possess and administer cannabis-based medicine to students.

This is already allowed under Quinton’s Amendment, but was left to the discretion of individual principals and school districts. The new law would make it legal for school staff to administer cannabis medicine in all districts.

The old legislation poses a number of difficulties for students. Parents must leave work to administer cannabis medicine to their kids in many cases, even in areas that permit cannabis-based medicine to be used on school property, because they are the only ones allowed to do so.

In addition, there are some school districts that have not permitted the use of medical cannabis on school grounds at all, thanks to the previous legislation not making the practice mandatory. This has forced some students into remote learning, as they cannot manage the symptoms of diseases like epilepsy or Crohn’s disease while at school, and their health may be threatened if they can’t access their medicine.

This new bill has been backed by a 7-member review board from the Senate, and has now been sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee for further approval. While there is no guarantee that it will pass, the review board approved it unanimously – so things are looking up for Colorado parents whose children need access to life-saving medical cannabis products in school.

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