Sierra Club Provides Guidelines For Sustainable Cannabis Use

Sierra Club, a leading environmental organization in the United States, recently released its cannabis best practices for sustainable use. In this blog from Medical Alternatives Clinics, we’ll discuss these cannabis guidelines and how they should inform your use of medical or recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Cannabis Best Practices For Safe & Sustainable Consumption

If you’d like, you can read the full cannabis guidelines released by Sierra Club here, but for your convenience, we’ve compiled a quick summary of each major point. Take a look now!

  • Buy organic when you can – Since marijuana is still federally illegal, this means that organic certifications are not available, even for producers in states where marijuana is legal. This includes Colorado. However, the industry has a few regulators that serve a similar function. Look for labels such as Clean Green, which follows the standards set by the USDA National Organic Program, or Sun+Earth, which is a certification relating to sustainable farming.
  • Look for outdoor-grown cannabis – Indoor cannabis growth uses a lot of electricity, up to 1% of all national electricity, according to some sources. A single kilogram of indoor-cultivated cannabis can create 4,600 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, so shop outdoor cannabis when possible. This saves lots of energy, and not only that, but many cannabis users consider cannabis grown in a natural environment to be a superior product.
  • Know your producer – Illegal grow operations exist even in Colorado and other states where marijuana is legal, and they do not follow the same standards, regulatory processes, and other steps that ensure a safe cannabis product. So always know your grower when shopping for cannabis, and avoid these sketchy producers of marijuana.
  • Buy products with COAs – A Certificate of Analysis is basically a document outlining test results for a specific marijuana product. This is required for all legal dispensary sales in states like Colorado where marijuana is legal, and ensures the product has passed screenings for mold, heavy metals, and other similar harmful contaminants.
  • Look for low-waste packaging – Unfortunately, some states have packaging restrictions in place due to childproofing and other legislation, and these may lead to lots of packaging waste when buying medical or recreational cannabis. But when possible, Sierra Club’s cannabis guidelines recommend buying products made with glass, paper, recycled plastic, and hemp plastic to reduce your overall environmental footprint.

With these cannabis best practices from Sierra Club, you can be more aware of your consumption, choose sustainable growers, and ensure you always get the best possible cannabis products for medical and recreational use in Colorado.

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