Western Wildfires Expected to Delay Outdoor Cannabis Harvests

As annual wildfires become more commonplace in western states, many cannabis farmers are feeling the negative impact on their harvests. The wildfire effects on cannabis could be quite vast, as the cannabis supply chain is expected to take a direct hit with much less product being made available for sale. California alone has seen over 8,100 wildfires already in 2020, and many are worrying about the wildfire effects on cannabis sales as we move into peak harvest season. Depending on the severity of the fires, cannabis sales could decline as retailers scramble to source their usual products and meet the demands of marijuana users across the country.

What Are Cannabis Growers Seeing?

Farms in areas that are highly impacted by the wildfires are already experiencing drastic losses in their annual crops, with further losses as a result of plants growing slower and smaller due to the lack of sunlight and oxygen caused by smoke clouds that engulf the sky. These smaller plants will result in smaller yields, as well as significant financial loss for many farmers – according to the executive director of the California Growers Association, wildfire effects on cannabis crops could take the total financial losses for farmers up to the hundreds of millions. Further wildfire effects on cannabis include significant damage and even complete destruction of many cannabis businesses in some states.

Wildfire Effects on Cannabis: What Are the Expected Impacts?

As winter approaches, it is expected that we’ll see supply chain issues that will last well into the colder months as a result of stunted production. Outdoor growers have lost most or all of their cannabis crops, and the smaller plants that are growing are at risk as farmers try to decide between harvesting smaller quantities or giving the plants more time to grow – an option that may lead to the loss of the plant altogether. These wildfire effects on cannabis production will likely result in increased costs for flower and other products beginning in early 2021 as there simply won’t be enough to go around. As the number of wildfires in these western states increases each year, we may see a dramatic change to the cannabis industry.

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