Marijuana Sales Trends in Colorado Point to Shift From ‘Consumer’ to ‘Patient’

Colorado marijuana sales trends spiked as July set yet another record for state-wide cannabis sales in a one month period, breaking June’s record by $13.5 million – a 7% increase overall. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of medical marijuana card holders which has signaled a shift away from the term “consumers” and instead more of a push towards using “patients” to describe the average cannabis users in the state.

Colorado Marijuana Sales Trends: How Are the Number Increasing?

The total cannabis sales for the month of June rolled in at just over $193 million, an increase from the same month in 2019. July was 7% higher month over month, and 20% year over year compared to 2019 sales, totaling $206.7 million. While recreational marijuana sales in July accounted for 164.2 million – an 8% increase month over month and a 16% year over year in comparison to 2019 – Colorado marijuana sales trends showed that medical cannabis was responsible for $42.4 million. This means that medical cannabis sales on their own have increased 4% month over month, and 16% year over year when compared to the 2019 data.

While there are many factors involved in the increased Colorado marijuana sales trends, the state has seen 3,000 new medical marijuana cards issued since the global pandemic began in March of this year. These new card holders play an important role in the increased numbers, as more people invest in the benefits of using medicinal marijuana products.

What is Causing Changes in Colorado Marijuana Sales Trends?

 Medical marijuana is becoming a more attractive option for many as patients can access products similar to those in the recreational space for lower costs due to tax rate differences. Medical marijuana is between 20-25% lower in price compared to recreational, depending on the location where it’s purchased. As more businesses pop up, there is easier access within local towns and cities such as Colorado Springs where medical dispensaries are the only dispensaries allowed to operate. Since the beginning of COVID-19, more patients are choosing medical cannabis products and on average, are spending more and more with each passing month.

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