Governor Polis Extends Telemedicine Evaluations for Medical Marijuana in Colorado to August 25

While marijuana telemedicine is not technically allowed in Colorado, an exception has been made recently. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its related lockdown measures, Governor Jared Polis has signed executive orders that specifically allow cannabis telemedicine, albeit temporarily. Marijuana telemedicine was first allowed back in March 2020, with an extension recently made until August 25th. This means that citizens of Colorado who need to get cannabis will be able to get it as telemedicine.

Benefits of Marijuana Telemedicine

Both doctors and patients can be better protected when cannabis telehealth is taken advantage of. This is the best way to have doctor visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given how infectious the virus is, telehealth has risen to become the go-to method of connecting patients, nurses, and doctors. Up until March, there was no telemedicine option for medical marijuana patients. Thankfully, the executive orders that Gov. Polis signed changed that.

Even though Colorado state law barred doctors from conducting any appointments for medical marijuana patients remotely, this is currently not the case. Physical exams have to be conducted prior to any medical marijuana recommendations being made. Now, doctors can safely perform them using telehealth, and do so legally.

Currently, and through August 25th, dispensaries can provide online ordering options and payment. Additionally, curbside pickup is available to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed. The governor is focused on ensuring citizens of Colorado are not only safe, but maintain access to medical marijuana, when they need it. Even though the current measures are temporary, the state legislature has the power to make cannabis telemedicine permanent, once the pandemic is over. Given how successful marijuana telemedicine has been so far, it is looking more likely that this will be the case.

Get an MMJ Evaluation

Receive an online MMJ evaluation by setting up an appointment with Medical Alternatives Clinic. We will go over your needs and get you scheduled to speak with one of our qualified Colorado MMJ doctors. Thanks to marijuana telemedicine being available until August 25th, you can still take advantage of the easy and efficient option of telehealth to receive your cannabis.

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