CBD: The Best Strains to get at an MMJ Dispensary as Prescribed by a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Colorado Springs

Though now legal the medical benefits of marijuana is still a hot topic. Most know that lighting up gives you a nice high, and often that energy to play a stellar set on Rock Band. Such a high is the result of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) dominate sativa strain. But, there is a less prevalent cannabinoid gaining attention for its medicinal benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) abundant marijuana strains do not induce the psychoactive effects that THC filled strains do and is reversing the negative perceptions that the medical community at large has regarding the healing properties of marijuana.

Found more prominently in indica strains, CBD filled weed offers help for many people suffering from diseases that unfavorably impact their quality of life. Medical marijuana doctors and scientists are discovering everything from the possible halt of cancer cell growth to migraine alleviation as some of the medical benefits CBD cannabinoids.

The strains highlighted below are getting acclaim for alleviating common medical conditions.

•Canna Sutra — depression, migraines, pain, and even asthma
•Purple Kush — chronic pain and depression
•Romulan — muscles spasms and nerve damage
•Hindu Kush — nausea

Peer reviewed medical articles and studies show that the non-psychoactive properties of CDBs not only make these strains a more legitimate use of medical treatment because they don’t make their patients high, but could also revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry if given their due.
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