Obtaining Medical Marijuana

Getting your hands on medical marijuana in Colorado may be easier than what you believe. There are a number of medical reasons that could qualify you for this treatment options. The more information you have related to the facts the easier it will be to receive a legal prescription.

In the state of Colorado individuals must have one of eight diagnoses in order to qualify. Some of these include cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, or even chronic pain. Even if you do not have any of these specific conditions you are not automatically out of options. All you have to do is make an appointment with one of the medical marijuana doctors in Colorado Springs, or Pueblo, and discuss your situation with them.

Once you have obtained your card it will be very important to ensure that it is always current and renewals are not a problem for you. Always take the time to look at the expiration date that is on the back of your card. This can be found underneath of the issue date.

Several weeks before your card is set to expire you will want to make an appointment with your medical marijuana doctor. This is necessary to ensure that have your renewal exam before it is too late. Remember, paperwork must be completed and then sent to the state. All of this takes time and you certainly do not want your card to expire because you are not able to make a purchase if your card is not up to date.

One final thought that you must consider is the date related to your renewal. You never want to apply for a renewal more than 60 days in advance. If you do the state will assume this is a duplicate application. In the end you will not get your renewal and your money will be wasted.