Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for MMJ Card in Colorado

There are many reasons a person may be rejected for a medical marijuana card. Many of them are avoidable. Below is a list of the most common mistakes that can lead to rejection of a MMJ application. Avoid them and you will improve your chance for approval.

1. First foremost, make sure that ALL the required paperwork is submitted along with the non-refundable application fee. Make sure you send in the application form, a physician certification, Colorado driver’s license or official photo ID. You may also include a proof of identity and residency waiver form if need be. If you have a caregiver listed on the form, you need to include the caregiver acknowledgement form and the caregiver’s ID.
2. Make sure all forms submitted have been completely filled out. An incomplete form cannot be accepted.
3. Print out extra copies of the forms so you can redo a form if you make a mistake. Corrections made using white-out or by writing over existing information are not allowed.
4. Be sure the date of the patient signature and the notary are the same.
5. Be sure to submit all the forms within the required time period. There are no extensions. The application must be submitted within 60 days of the physician’s signature on the certification form. And, all other forms must be submitted within ten days of the patient’s signature date.
6. Be sure the notary is active according to the Secretary of State and that they fill in their potion of the form correctly.
7. Be sure the physician recommending you has a copy of his or her DEA certification on file with the registry.
8. The physician you choose must be a qualified medical professional such as a physician’s assistant, nurse, or a physician without conditions on his or her license.
9. Double check to make sure you are submitting the correct form and that it is the most current version of the form.
10. Be sure to double check your unique identifying information. It must match the information in the registry database. This includes your social security number and your legal name if it has changed.

If for some reason you do make a mistake, you will be given a chance to correct the error. However, it is always best to be extra careful to avoid simple mistakes that could slow down the approval process.

Source: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment