Studies Show Stereotypes About Marijuana Users Could Be False

We’ve all seen the movies and understand that, while once shrouded in negative illicit mystery, the use of marijuana still projects a certain stigma in our modern world. But the fact is, recent studies show stereotypes about marijuana users could be false, and it’s time to set the record straight in an attempt to lighten the view that many have about the use of nature’s seemingly magical plant.

It isn’t hard to see why the stereotypes exist in the first place – the legalization of marijuana products is, after all, a recent development, and until now some of the stereotypes had an understandable amount of accuracy to them. But the portrayal of the typical marijuana enthusiast has indeed changed, and stereotypes about marijuana users could be false but we’re going to look at what that really means.

What Do Modern Cannabis Enthusiasts Look Like?


Contrary to the assumption that cannabis users are unmotivated loafers who waste away their evenings watching TV and eating particularly odd food combinations, studies show that 58% are regularly engaged in physical activity such as sports and hiking. As far as diet goes, 57% said that health is important to them and that incorporating cannabis into their normal health routine is far more beneficial than alcohol or tobacco.


The stereotypical marijuana user is often thought of as a high school dropout, reminiscent of a “Freaks and Geeks” type character, but studies are showing that these stereotypes about marijuana user could be false. According to those studies, 54% have achieved a college degree or higher education, and they are more likely to have a positive presence in the American workforce than the average person.


What do many doctors, lawyers, teachers, Olympic athletes, mothers, and high-achieving creatives have in common? They are all represented in the cannabis community! Marijuana isn’t just for underachievers anymore, and the number of successful people actively enjoying and using marijuana products has increased greatly in recent years.

Cannabis Enthusiasts Want Sophistication and Class, Too

Before cannabis was legalized in the United States, the only way you could purchase it was through illegal means – but even then, it was more than the stereotypical back-alley dealers wearing hoodies and carrying a suspicious number of plastic bags. Since legalization, more respectable, responsible people have started to pursue the benefits of marijuana and they don’t want the grungy cash transactions of days gone by. Most cannabis enthusiasts are looking to purchase their products legally through reputable dispensaries that provide a safe and transparent shopping experience that is just as convenient as buying anything else. In fact, according to the studies that are showing that stereotypes about marijuana users could be false, 55% are looking for that level of convenience and comfortability, while 24% prefer to purchase products within the online space. Either way, it’s out with the shady dealers and in with reputable budtenders who are there to provide help and expert-level advice.

The Takeaway

Studies show stereotypes about marijuana users could be false, but we’ve only begun to strip away the stigma. Today, marijuana enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, and we should strive to create a world in which legal cannabis becomes a picture of normality.

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