Water Soluble Cannabinoids in Cannabis Drinks Are a Major Evolution

For years, cannabis drink manufacturers have relied on oil-soluble cannabinoids to make their beverage formulations, but this presents many drawbacks. For instance, fat-soluble cannabinoids have an oil taste, cannot mix with water-based drinks and their effects take time to kick in. This has made it difficult for cannabis beverages to catch on.

Fortunately, scientists have invented a water-soluble cannabinoid technology, which will enable manufacturers to produce water-soluble cannabis beverages. In this article, we will look at different ways water-soluble cannabis will transform the beverage industry.

How the Water-Soluble Technology Will Revolutionize the Cannabis Beverage Industry

Water-soluble cannabis promises to deliver quality beverage experience by eliminating all of the concerns about fat-soluble cannabinoids. Here are some benefits of water-soluble cannabinoids.

  • They exhibit high bioavailability: Just like drinking alcoholic drinks or smoking marijuana, water-soluble cannabis’ effects kick in almost immediately and vanish in under 90 minutes. This makes them safer and more enjoyable to consume.
  • They are water-soluble: This means they dissolve throughout the drinks, enhancing precise dosing. High aqueous solubility also makes it possible for water-soluble cannabis beverages to mix with water-based drinks naturally.
  • No oil taste: Water-soluble cannabis eliminates the need to use lipophilic technology when making beverages, which means there are no oil tastes.
  • No shaking: You do not have to shake water-soluble cannabis drinks before taking them. This enables them to maintain their taste and consistency. This also validates the production of cannabis carbonated beverages.
  • Easy to produce: Water-friendly cannabinoids are easy and simple to produce. The cost of producing water-based cannabinoids is also lower.

Demand for Water-Soluble Cannabis Beverages

Demand for alcoholic drinks is being substituted by demand for drinks with low or no alcohol. Water-soluble cannabis beverages could be a perfect alternative for people who do not take alcohol. Also, more regions are legalizing the consumption of cannabis day by day. This means cannabis-infused drinks may soon be a common sight in medical and recreational dispensaries.

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