City of Denver OK’s Cannabis Delivery and Consumption Lounges

Denver’s Mayor, Michael B. Hancock, recently signed and approved the city’s cannabis bill allowing for more consumption lounges and cannabis delivery. This new law has generated a lot of excitement, with many terming it as a game-changer. But what exactly does the new law say? And what does it mean for cannabis consumption lounges? Read on to get more details.

Cannabis Delivery Under the New Law

According to the new pot delivery policy, licensed dealers will have until 10pm to carry out deliveries. However, deliveries can only be made to residential addresses. Stores will be required to contract a licensed transporter for all their deliveries. As such, the city is giving new regulated licenses for cannabis transporters. But they must meet the social equity policy to apply. Moreover, customers placing orders will be required to produce their IDs.

Also, transporters making cannabis deliveries can only carry a given amount of cannabis at a time. The transporters are also required to use ID scanners and install dash cameras to prevent underage smoking. The products must also be safely stored after day’s business to encourage safe cannabis storage.

Consumption Lounges Under the New Law

Under the newly approved cannabis law, consumption lounges will have an easy time serving their clients. You will now be able to stop by any cannabis smoking lounge in Denver and enjoy a joint or two without restrictions. The new law also hopes to promote social equity in Denver’s marijuana industry. Equitable access to the industry and financial loans will, in turn, promote diversity, allowing minority communities to benefit from the multi-billion marijuana business.

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