As Cannabis Concentrate Sales Increase 40% in Legal States, Colorado Lawmaker Proposes Potency Limits

Throughout the United States, sales of cannabis concentrates have increased 40% compared to 2019, reflecting a lack of trust in vaporizers, more familiarity among marijuana users with the process of smoking concentrates, and new technology that has made it easier to use cannabis concentrates.

But along with this rise in cannabis concentrate sales has come a call to limit the potency of concentrates and introduce tighter controls on their production and use in Colorado.

Colorado State Representative has Introduced A Bill To Cap Cannabis Concentrate Potency

Yadira Caraveo, a Democratic Colorado State Representative from Thornton, has introduced a controversial bill that would restrict the potency of cannabis concentrates to 15% THC. The only other state with cannabis potency limits is Vermont, which has a limit of 30% THC for flower products and 60% THC for cannabis oil.

In addition, legislation in the bill would restrict medical marijuana to pre-designated dosages from a doctor, change how physicians allot certain products, and change how medical marijuana operates to a more traditional, pharmacy-like model.

As of publication time, the bill had not yet been introduced after the Colorado Legislature reconvened on Feb. 16th, so it remains to be seen whether or not it will gain traction among Colorado lawmakers.

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