Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry Website Getting a New Look

There will be new and exciting updates coming to the CDPHE website coming next November 17th. The CDPHE website is getting a whole new look. All information will still be available for patients, though more accessible and easy to find. For a preview of what the website will look like you can watch this video.

The CDPHE is also looking for volunteers to provide feedback! They want your opinion on the new website changes. For those interested in participating in a focus group or interview you can fill out this form to be admitted. This is a great opportunity, patients and members of the public will have a voice in shaping the website.

New For Registration Process

There’s a couple of changes, two of which are specifically for providers. For a patient under 18, both parents or legal guardians can now be listed as a caregiver on the patient’s MMJ card. Of course, always in compliance with House Bill 19-1031.

If you’re the parent of a minor and are considering obtaining an MMJ for your child, the CDPHE website has clear instructions on how to register, and the process and requirements to meet in order for a minor to obtain their MMJ card.

To Recap

The changes to the website are scheduled to happen this coming November 17th. Only a few days until the changes take effect, so if you’re interested in providing feedback, fill out the required form as soon as possible!

The registration process changes will take effect on December 1st, 2020. From this date on, patients under the age of 18 will be able to add both parents or legal guardians as caregivers in their registration.

For further information please visit the CDPHE website at:

What to expect from Medical Alternatives Clinics

Medical Alternatives Clinics has been serving Colorado patient’s for almost 10 years, and as part of our service we offer all patients help with the state’s online registration process. We offer help and support at no extra cost. Even though the Medical Marijuana Registry website is being improved, it can still be quite intimidating for some, and that is why we are here to help! Set up an appointment with Medical Alternatives Clinic and get your medical marijuana card evaluation completely online and get all the help you need to get your card!

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