New Colorado Marijuana Laws in Effect for 2020

New 2020 Colorado marijuana laws taking effect in January will see marijuana hospitality establishments and medical marijuana delivery becoming a reality for the Centennial State. Governor Jared Polis signed House Bill 1230 to regulate the social consumption of marijuana stating, “Up until this bill, there’s been no way to have safe public consumption”. Colorado marijuana dispensaries can now apply for an on-site tasting room license comparable to the one local breweries use. Other businesses such as restaurants, music venues, art galleries, hotels, yoga studios and more can apply for private consumption licenses and limited pot sales. The new law also allows mobile marijuana venues such as tour buses and limousine services to be licensed for consumption, but these venues cannot sell marijuana. Special events will also be able to obtain temporary licenses.

Local consumers and proprietors alike are happy about the new laws, which bring the opportunity to enjoy marijuana in a controlled, comfortable setting and should help curtail the amount of smoking on the streets. At on-site consumption locations visitors will have the freedom to purchase flower and other cannabis products to smoke, dab, or vape, subject to local ordinances and house rules. The new law gives individual municipalities the freedom to decide whether these new businesses will operate within their borders, and how business will be conducted. Any business granted a license under the new law is prohibited from also holding a liquor license. Shannon Gray, spokeswoman for Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, stated, “It’s up to local jurisdictions to decide if they want this within their borders.”

One Denver club owner sells daily memberships to his establishment that offer tourists and visitors who may only be in town for the day a chance to enjoy the comfort of consuming their cannabis in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere. The club has sold approximately 12,000 memberships in the last two years, with 70% sold to non-residents. When it comes to commercial marijuana home delivery services, House Bill 1234 dictates that cannabis product deliveries be restricted to medical marijuana only, which will assist medical marijuana patients who may not be able to travel to a dispensary to purchase their medicine. Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division will have strict standards for drivers, including thorough background checks. Delivery of recreational marijuana products will be available in 2021 in Colorado.

Marijuana sale and consumption laws continue to change around the country, with Michigan and Illinois being two more states that have joined in the recreational marijuana game. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, Medical Alternatives Clinic is here to help you with all your medical marijuana needs. If you need help with the best medical marijuana for your needs, please contact us at (719) 246-0393 or email us your questions at: To schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation, please visit our online portal. We offer convenient same day appointments for current and prospective medical marijuana patients and we can help you get your MMJ Red Card in three days or less!