Tell Your Anesthesiologist if You are a Medical Marijuana Patient

Medical Marijuana and Anesthesia

The therapeutic properties of medical marijuana are becoming more well-known every day, thanks in large part to increasing legalization worldwide. However, with increased legalization and increased consumer use comes new questions about combining medical marijuana with other forms of medication such as anesthesia. While the use of cannabis can help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and other symptoms, medical professionals are discovering that the combination of MMJ and anesthesia may affect how patients respond on the operating table and their recovery time after surgery. Doctors and nurses are concerned that patients may be hesitant to divulge their use of medical or recreational marijuana, especially in states where it has yet to be legalized, and that this lack of disclosure could potentially lead to complications in care. To date, one problem which has emerged lies in the increased resistance to anesthesia among medical marijuana patients.

Why should you disclose marijuana use to doctors/anesthesiologists?Protect Yourself

If you are a medical marijuana patient, it is important to inform your healthcare professional so that your care can be specifically tailored to your needs, and any safety concerns can be alleviated. This is especially important if you are facing surgery of any kind. Your healthcare providers want to provide you with the safest, most effective care possible, so it is essential that they are aware of any medical marijuana you consume. If medical marijuana and anesthesia are to be combined, your doctor needs to be informed of your cannabis use in order to offer you the best care.

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