How to create an account and register with the Medical Marijuana Registry

Below are the steps to create an account and register with the Medical Marijuana Registry in order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card (Red Card) online:

1. First step is to go to the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry home page:

2. Click on “Patient and Physician Registration”



3. Enter your First and Last Name, email address, create a Username, and then click “Register”



4. After you click “Register”, you will receive an email with a temporary password (code). Go to your email and copy the code.


5.Copy the code by selecting it and hitting Ctrl+C. Then click on “Click here”



6. Enter your Username and paste in the code from the email (hit Ctrl+V)



7. Enter your code again, and then create a NEW password



8. Once logged into your account, you can now start the application process.



After you complete New Patient Registration, your next step is to attach the Provider Certificate which you obtained during your visit with the doctor.

Step 2: Attach Provider Certificate