How to Request Online Access – Medical Marijuana Registry

RequestOnlineAccessPatients that received their medical marijuana card (red card) in the past through the mail-in process will likely have their information stored in the registry system. This means that when they now try to register online at they may find they cannot submit their application due to reasons such as social security number already being in use. If you receive a red error message when submitting your online application saying the your number is already in use or similar and you cannot proceed further, please follow the steps below to correct this:

1. Download, print, and complete the Request Online Access form

2. Ensure you have chosen a unique Username. If you like, you can use your email address as a Username.

3. Take a picture of the completed form

4. Take a picture of your Colorado ID

5. Email both the picture of the Request Online Access form AND your Colorado ID to In the subject of your email write “Request Online Access

6. The registry will respond to you in the next few business days. If you need to reach them, please call 303-692-2184


If you have any questions about this process please call (719) 246-0393 or email