MMJ Q&A Forum on HelloMD

The online telehealth service, HelloMD, is specifically aimed at those who need or are curious about medical marijuana. A sort of WebMD for medical marijuana, the site has gained a strong following providing solid information and services to its members seeking guidance and direction on the medical benefits of cannabis. It also doubles as a digital doctor’s office providing MMJ recommendations and referrals.

The site was launched to as an alternative to traditional medical resources that aren’t providing the information, services, and answers about medical marijuana that many want and need to know. In addition to providing access to medical doctors who have specific knowledge of how cannabis can help patients, it’s opened up an MMJ Q&A forum.

The Q&A forum is well moderated, keeping it from turning into an unorganized free-for-all. As there are a lot of questions about MMJ, and either too much information that isn’t vetted or not enough accurate information, HelloMD is dedicated to providing accurate answers to specific questions for those looking for help and insight. Those with questions about MMJ will receive answers from medical professionals, informed site members, and businesses that specialize in the medical applications of cannabis. Specifically dedicated to addressing questions about medical marijuana, the forum provides answers on everything from the best strains to use for specific ailments to finding a safe and reputable clinic to buy their medication.

Membership to the site allows access to doctors well-versed in the medicinal uses of marijuana, a medical cannabis recommendation over live video (Telehealth), and entry to a knowledge bank full of 1,000s of cannabis products and dispensaries. Currently available in California, it is seeking to provide its services to the 20 plus states that have legalized the drug for medical use.

With the need for good, accurate information about the safe use and application of medical marijuana, HelloMD’s Q&A is proving to be a strong resource for those curious about MMJ, its uses, and benefits. However, nothing compares to the personal experience of a face-to-face consultation with an MMJ doctor that you get at Medical Alternatives Clinics.