Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

In 1930 Marijuana was made illegal in United States but now it has returned to its rightful status and used as a legal herbal treatment for various ailments like headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, and insomnia to name a few. Many countries and states within USA have chosen to allow the usage of medical marijuana for those patients who find relief while using it. When compared to alcohol and tobacco, Marijuana is recreational drug used as safe and effective herbal treatment as it is officially recognized as a safe medication (if taken in moderate quantity). Marijuana consists of 300 different compounds, among them cannabinoids are the main ingredient and THC is psychoactive ingredient. Cannabinoids are very beneficial for brain as they regulate body functions via built-in cannabinoid receptors present in human brain.

Some of the benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana helps not only to induce appetite but also work well as anti-nausea and pain killer. It is also helpful to those who are suffering from cancer, undergoing chemotherapy. It works as wonder for AIDS patient and do not have any side effects.

THC (psychoactive ingredient) helps those who are suffering from glaucoma as it lowers intraocular pressure giving relief to patient. It relieves pain and help patients who suffers from multiple sclerosis. It also prevents neurode generation associated with the diseases.

Another benefit of marijuana is that it is relatively safe for use with no side effects. It do not carries the risk of physical addiction, risk of death and any other physical effects. Studies have shown that marijuana is safer than alcohol. The natural ingredients of medical marijuana gives relief to the patients suffering from asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, obsessive compulsive disorders, nausea, glaucoma, migraines and unwanted weight loss.

Marijuana has been proven to be safe and beneficial for human consumption and also helpful for those who seek medicinal uses. To know more about medical marijuana you can schedule your appointment with MMJ doctors Colorado Springs.