Medical Marijuana and Your Pets

As the medical marijuana industry continues to grow, there are new discovers and questions coming up every day. One of the newest queries is the use of medical marijuana on pets, people want to know if it’s good, bad or if it even helps. The problem is that not enough research has been done in order to prove it works or prove it is harmful.

Some people who have tried giving their dog medical marijuana in the form of treats specially created to be low in THC but have the CBDs say they are seeing great results from the treats. Their dogs are acting better and seem to be in less pain. Others people however are not so sure, they believe it could be toxic to the animals just like grapes, and chocolate. These are everyday items people can eat however give them to your dog and you could have serious issues.

Veterinarians are not quite ready to start prescribing medical marijuana to pets and warn pet owners of doing so as well. Many have seen pets come in due to marijuana overdose whether it was accidental or given to them. The symptoms of an overdose for pets can include; lethargy, confusion, fast heart rate, difficulty breathing plus much more. This doesn’t mean you cannot give your pet medical marijuana it just means that you need to use extreme caution and consult your vet before giving any unknown substances to your animals.

The conclusion of this is that more research needs to be done before we start heavily medicating our animals with medical marijuana, however if they do end up getting a hold of it or you choose to use it for your animals consult with your vet to insure you are doing it properly.