There’s an APP for That!

In today’s growing world of technology, it only seems right that there would be newly created apps coming out to help out the medical marijuana industry. Since 2008 when medical marijuana first started to hit the shelves in California people have been creating apps to help out dispensaries and medical marijuana doctors.

Owner of one of the apps, Weedmaps, started the app with no money in his pocket and ended up making over $300,000 in the first month. He went door to door of medical marijuana dispensaries and doctors to get them to sign up for the app that would later be one of the biggest medical marijuana apps across the country. His app is now registering over 200,000 new users a month and this iPhone app has been downloaded over a 2 million times.

Besides Weedmaps several other apps are coming along for people to use to find, rate, review, and post on for medical marijuana purposes. These apps can be found for specific states or for all states that have legal medical marijuana. Some of the other apps besides Weedmaps include; Leafly, Frweed Pro, iweeducation, MyGreenz Locator, plus many more.

Whether you are looking for a medical marijuana doctor or a dispensary that has your favorite strain, having a medical marijuana app can help you with what you need.

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