Stigma Me Blind – Breaking Free from Conformity for MMJ

News reports across the country seem divided between supporters and opponents of medicinal marijuana use. But, as of late, there’s an undeniable movement towards MMJ benefits to young patients whose parents may feel the quandary of proof that despite the stigma of its use, MMJ actually brings relief to their small child or loved one.
In November 2000 Coloradans confronted possible ridicule by passing AMD 20 and since proved the rest of the country that MMJ does indeed help patients who suffer the ails of cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS positive, cachexia; severe pain; severe nausea; seizures, to include those that are characteristic of epilepsy; or persistent muscle spasms, and multiple sclerosis. There are other conditions that are subject to approval by the Colorado Board of Health for prescription.

And, so it seems, citizens throughout the country have taken notice of growing statistics of MMJ benefits and other states have begun supporting their own referendums.

Recently, families of children who suffer from seizures have made the road trip to Colorado searching for, in some cases, a last resort to exhaust a final attempt to ease the suffering of their child.
For Coloradans, there is a long list of doctors who assist patients who suffer from such diseases by prescribing medical marijuana, and in regards to finding reliable and professional medical alternatives doctors Colorado Springs patients and advocates should not have that concern.

Dr. Bruce Reimers at Medical Alternatives Clinic has practiced medicine for over 40 years and he and his staff are determined to assist patients who turn to MMJ through guidance and support. Their goal is to educate their patients and offer an optimistic alternative to other treatments that may not be effective in relieving pain associated by their disease. Their office supports a professional atmosphere, touts the importance of making the right choice regarding health and pain management and offers proper diagnosis to ensure patients are content in their decision to use MMJ.
According to the current Administration, although the FDA has recognized and approved MMJ use of isolated components of the marijuana plant, there is still much more continued research needed.

The information is available by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at and The White House at