MMJ Reg Fees Lowered

Finding the best medical marijuana dispensaries Colorado Springs has to offer has a large part to do with weighing the payment options. Good news for MMJ patients as the Registry Board voted 7-1 to lower annual patient fees from $35 to $15 beginning in February. That my friends, is a 57 percent decrease and moves to the notion that the program is working for those who need it most.

Mark Salley, spokesman for Colo’s Department of Public Health and Environment, told the Denver Post that the reduction is in part due to the state making enough money to cover administration costs- and the state is not in the business of making profits on the reg. fee. Salley said the Registry collected an excess of $13 million therefore “felt it appropriate to make the change.” Coincidentally, since voters passed the MMJ program, registration fees have decreased from an original annual fee of $140.

There is speculation of how the State will use the extra monies made from the accrued estimated $13M. Michael Elliott, exec director of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group said that public suggestion and one that he supports is to use $7M to further research on whether PTSD suffers and other ails should qualify for MMJ. Although there was no Action Item recorded to pursue the research, Elliott says “there’s no good reason not to consider” the option.
According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), as of end of October- over 800 physicians have patients to whom they prescribe medical marijuana (MMJ) and nearly 240k new applications processed for recommendations.

Med weed is prescribed to patients who suffer from chronic pain suffered from or being treated for cancer, glaucoma and HIV/AIDS. Advocators for MMJ use for PTSD continue their touting for more research.
Since Coloradans passed Amends 20 & 64 citizens across the US have discovered its medical benefits. So far, 20 states plus DC have legalized MMJ. Illinois, Washington and Iowa have begun their own initiatives to bring its legalizing to a citizens vote- medical and recreational.

For Coloradans, there is a long list of doctors who help patients with the prescription of MMJ and finding medical alternatives marijuana doctors Colorado Springs patients and advocates trust is a last worry with Dr. Reimers who has practiced medicine for over 40 years.

Medical Alternatives Clinic and Dr. Bruce Reimers provide patients with a professional atmosphere where patients feel comfortable about discussing their preference to remedy their pain by the alternative method of medical marijuana.
The information is available by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at and the Denver Post here