Before your scheduled visit:

1. Complete the patient packet:  – you can do it as guest (no need to sign in or register).

If on phone click on “Sign in with Mobile Browser” (at the bottom of the screen).

2. Process payment for your type of visit:

After your visit:

After you have seen the physician you will follow these steps to complete the online registration process:

  1. If you are a NEW patient, create your account and register with the Medical Marijuana Registry
  2. If you are RENEWING you card, start the renewal application.
  3. Attach your physician certification to your application
  4. Specify how you will obtain your medicine (for example, from a dispensary or home grown)
  5. Pay the state application fee $26.33
  6. At this point, your application status should say “Pending Staff Review”
  7. It takes the state 1 – 3 business days to process applications and once you are approved you will receive an email from them. When you are approved your status will say “Active”. You can now print your mmj card and purchase medicine.